Intergovernmental relations

Agreements and other legal documents have been signed with partner countries at the government and interagency levels in order to develop the legal framework in various spheres and secure the relations. In this regard, since 2004 up to date the ministry has signed 65 documents relating to the field of communications and ICT, of which 19 - agreements (of which 16 intergovernmental), 20 - Memoranda of Understanding, 15 - protocols and 11 – documents of other importance, 17 documents signed at the government level, reflects the individual items on communications and ICT. For the execution of each document, working group or the action plan were prepared and approved, meetings were held with counterparts to discuss prospects of cooperation as well as cooperation activities were carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the signed documents.


To accelerate economic integration in the preliminary stages and increase export investment encouraged today by the leadership of the country, business forums were held in Azerbaijan and different countries (US-Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan -Israel, Azerbaijan- Estonia, Belarus-Azerbaijan, Cuba-Azerbaijan, France-Azerbaijan, Austria- Azerbaijan, etc.), and necessary conditions have been created for investments in the communications and ICT field, and exit of the local IT companies to the international markets.


Taking into considereation of the importance of Azerbaijan’s representation in influential international and regional organizations, as one of the basis guarantees of the country’s conducting an independent policy and demonstrating its fair and constructive participation at the highest level, the country’s participation in the leading communications and IT organizations has continued developing rapidly in the world arena.


Thus, over the past years our country was represented at high level at the events (ITI Telecom World, CEBIT etc.) held with various influential international organizations and their support.


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