National stamps

The first postage stamp as a sign of postage was put into circulation in 1840 in the UK.But soon after this, postage stamps were relesed in other countries, including in Russia in 1857. At that time, first postage stamps used in Azerbaijan were Russian postage stamps as Azerbaijan was in the composition of the Russian Empire.


After the proclamation of the independent Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918, the Azerbaijani government decided to issue national stamps and first Azerbaijani postage stamps were issued on October 20, 1919.


During the period from 1920 till 1923 the stamps of the Soviet Azerbaijan, the Transcaucasian Federation, and until 1991 stamps of the USSR were used in the territory of Azerbaijan.


In 1992, a new page was opened a new chapter in the history of the postage stamps of Azerbaijan.


Company Azermarka of Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan republic ( now Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies ) was founded. Since that time the company had prepared and issued 860 postage stamps with original subjects so far.


Outstanding persnalities

over  70


over  80

Flora and fauna

over  260

National themes

over  100


over  50


over  50


over  15


and on other themes with more than 145 million 600 thousand were printed and released into circulation


Postage stamps in the country are issued in accordance with the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On Postal Communication”, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers and “Regulations on the issue of postage stamps” of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies.


Every year a thematic plan for the issue of stamps for next year is worked out on these documents.


Postage stamps are not only signs of postage, but also bearers of some information about the country. Taking into account this factor, special emphasis is given to the subjects such as history, architecture, outstanding personalities, flora and fauna, and other significant events in the history of the country.


Eminent personalities have a special place in the category of stamps, here it is necessary to note postage stamps dedicated to the prominent politician and statesman Heydar Aliyev.


12 postage stamps and 9 postal blocks have been released in this theme.


Information on 20 January tragedy, Khojaly genocide, as well as regions of Garabagh and its flora and fauna is brought to the notice of the world community through postage stamps. The themes such as accession of Azerbaijan to the UNO and European Council, establishment of diplomatic relations, its activity in the international arena, etc. play great role in the issuing thematic of the stamps.


Independency of Azerbaijan is widely noted in these postage stamps. Beginning from the first postage stamp of Azerbaijan up to date today more than 10 postage stamps have been issued regarding independency of Azerbaijan.


The stamps issued on the theme of flora and fauna is large and different. Thus, for example, postage stamps of this kind dedicated to these themes are those called Sheki Preserve and fruits of Azerbaijan. Some joint stamps were also issued together with Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. 

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