1. General Provisions


The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter referred to as “the Ministry”) is a central executive body  implementing the state policy and regulation in the fields of transport (except in cases established by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan), including  maritime transport and civil aviation, communications (telecommunications and post), e-government, high technologies (information technologies, microelectronics, nano-, bio- and other innovative science-intensive technologies) (hereinafter referred to as “the relevant field”).



In its activity, the Ministry is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international treaties to which Azerbaijan is a signatory, laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees  and  orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and these Regulations.



When carrying out its duties and exercising its rights set forth in these Regulations, the Ministry interacts with central and local executive bodies, local self-government authorities, international and non-governmental organizations, as well as other legal entities and individuals.



The Ministry has at its disposal state-owned property, an independent balance sheet, banking and treasury accounts, seal with the State Emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its own name engraved on it in Azerbaijani and English languages, respective stamps and letterheads



Costs related to the maintenance and activities, as well as material and technical support of the Ministry are financed through the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other sources provided for by law.



The Ministry is located in Baku city.

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