Azerpost LLC

State-run enterprise Azerpocht was established by the order № 151 of September 23, 1999 of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the continuation of reforms in postal services and the improvement of the structure”. The company was established on the basis of Azerpocht Production Association and is its legal successor. By the order № 145 of August 31, 2009 of the MCIT, organizational- legal form of Azerpocht SE was changed and it turned into Azerpocht LLC. Charter of Azerpocht LLC was approved by the Ministry of Justice on September 15, 2009 and was registered under the number 9900037711 by the Office of State Registration of Commercial Legal Entities Tax Department of Baku City of the Ministry of Taxes.



Traditional postal facilities


Non-traditional services (banking, insurance, etc.)


Financial services - electronic payments (pensions, social benefits, money transfers, etc.), collection of payments (payments for public utilities, taxes), deposits (term and termless), sale of other savings products, improvement of existing money order system, issuance of debit cards (on the base of customers’ deposits) and date of birth;


E-government services – issuance of various certificates, business and personal documents by local and central executive bodies,


Payment of taxes, duties and other fees to local and central executive bodies;


E-services of business, e-commerce, opening of cyber-mail and e-mail addresses, access to Internet network, information, and electronic databases.