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AzInTelecom LLC

AzInTelecom LLC operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. AzInTelecom LLC aims to provide safe, reliable, and adaptable digital services to those who prefer quality and has formed its company strategy grounded in fundamental values such as human value, reliability, innovation, flexibility, transparency, and privacy protection. The mentioned principles were selected as the main criteria in the process of creating the company's logo and corporate colors and adapted to the company's mission and future-oriented plans.


AzInTelecom LLC's primary services:


Cloud solutions - AzInTelecom LLC is the first institution in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus region with the TIER III International compliance certificate. In addition, it has 2 Availability Zones (Data Centers) located in Baku and Yevlakh that meet the requirements of ISO 20000, ISO 22301, and ISO 27001 certificates. Company-owned Baku Data Center provides large-scale, multifaceted cloud services such as Cloud Infrastructure, Colocation, Archiving, Backup, Microsoft and Oracle products, Virtual IP Telephony to the public and private sector.


SIMA - SIMA is developed based on a new generation of digital signature cloud, public key, and face recognition technologies. By downloading and registering SIMA mobile application, citizens can obtain services and products in electronic government, finance (Bank and NBFI), insurance, GSM operators, home appliance sales centers, internet, and TV providers, and in general all areas where electronic signatures are applied. Electronic signatures are presented under the name SIMA Token. SIMA Token is for the person who prepared the electronic document to confirm the document and send it to the other party, as well as to use the services where an electronic signature is applied.


Information security services - AzInTelecom LLC, which various large companies and state institutions of the country trusted their information resources, organizes audit and consulting services of Cyber Security and Information Security for clients. AzInTelecom experts identify and eliminate the root cause of cyber incidents that customers have encountered before.


Business solutions - AzInTelecom LLC provides several innovative business solutions for the rapid and high-quality digital transformation of our country and the development of our digital economy. These solutions based on IT, cloud technologies, and artificial intelligence increase citizens' accessibility to electronic services and promote the digital development of business entities.


Centralized information systems - The goal of creating the centralized information systems of AzInTelecom LLC is to provide transparent and prompt service to citizens and entrepreneurs. As a result of the formation of appropriate information systems, innovative management is ensured by the application of information technologies, and numerous deficiencies are eliminated. In addition, centralized information systems enable the collection of big data in certain directions.


International voice traffic - The international voice traffic exchange organization service implemented by AzInTelecom LLC provides alternative and high-quality voice traffic exchange between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the world countries. In order to optimize traffic exchange, the IP-based International Switching Center (ISC) established under AzInTelecom LLC provides routing of international outgoing calls with the best quality channels, improvement of route selection, organization of IP-based voice channels, and alternative interconnection in all domestic and international directions.