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20.05.2022 / 23:06

Minister Rashad Nabiyev visits villages in Goychay provided with GPON technology

As part of his next reception of citizens, Minister of Digital Development and Transport Rashad Nabiyev visited Khalitli, Yeniarkh and Hajiaghalibeyli villages of Goychay region with a population of 3,000 people.


The Minister took part in the event organized to provide 910 family households in these villages with internet access through GPON technology.


The opening of the central optical distribution center built for Khalitli, Yeniarkh and Hajiaghalibeyli villages was also held with the participation of Minister Rashad Nabiyev and public representatives of the three villages.


It should be noted that when selecting the location for the facility, it was taken into account that neighboring villages Chereke, Chereje, Mally-shikhly and Muskurlu will also be powered by the same equipment in the future.


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