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Space Council

Relevant activities on establisment and development of the space industry in Azerbaijan is carried out due to the care and attention of President Ilham Aliyev.


A presidential order dated May 3, 2010 “On establishment of Azerkosmos OJSC”, one of the key points of the implementation of the State Program “On establishment and development of space industry in Azerbaijan Republic” and related work on placing in orbit, management and operation of telecommunications satellite of Azerbaijan Republic, has assigned the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) a number of important tasks.


In connection with the execution of the tasks arising from the order, and to study the scientific and technological advances and to use best practices in the field of space activities, to participate in the adoption of appropriate measures for the implementation of the state policy in this area as well as to make proposals related to the development of the industry, a Council for Space Affairs was established.



Arif Mir Jalal oglu Pashayev



Samir Sharifov

Minister of Finance


Minister of Communications and High Technologies

Hüseynqulu Bağırov

Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources


Arif Mehdiyev

Chairman of Higher Attestation Commission under President of Azerbaijan Republic

Jahangir Asgarov

President of Azal CJSC

Rashad Nabiyev

Chairman of Azercosmos  OJSC

Mikayil Abbasov

Technical director of Teleradio PA


In 2011, the Council held two meetings, discussed the following issues: 

1) Status of implementation of the State Program for the establishment and development of space industry in Azerbaijan, approved by presidential order # 443, dated August 17, 2009;


2) Work carried out on the creation of the first telecommunications satellite;


3) Proposals for the establishment of low-orbit remote sensing satellite in Azerbaijan Republic.


It was decided to establish a working group of the Council at the second meeting of the Council. The working group included representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, National Academy of Aviation, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the State Committee for Land and Cartography and the Ministry of Transport.


The Working Group held a meeting in 2012, and the following issues were discussed: 

1) Definition of technical requirements for the first LEO satellite of Azerbaijan;


2) Creation of a national network of Remote Sensing;


3) Formation of necessary human resources for the execution of the “State Program for the establishment and development of space industry in Azerbaijan”.