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Project “Basis of Information Society - Youth and Electronic Government” launched


“Basis of Information Society - Youth and Electronic Government”  project,  jointly organized by  the Electronic Government Education  and Training Center and  Students’ Association for Management and Economics , was launched. The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The project aims to hold a series of trainings on the use of e-government solutions within 3 months and inform the heads and representatives of youth organizations on the use of electronic services.


The main goal of the trainings covering 13 regions of the country is to increase the knowledge of youth and youth organizations on the most frequently used e-services. Member organizations and representatives of the National Council of Youth Organizations and Young Entrepreneurs Network are expected to take an active part in the trainings.


The duration of trainings for each training group is 4 days. The training will cover 6 topics:


Introduction about  the portal ;


Technical and legal aspects of e-signature usage;


E-service provision of compulsory state social insurance reports;


E-services on taxation;


E-services for the provision of official statistics;


E-services for customs declarations and reporting.


The attendees will be awarded certificates of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies.


Those wishing to participate in the trainings can register through the link below:


For detailed information, please contact us by:


(012) 505 01 13; (077) 505 01 13