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Pilot project to expand implementation of broadband network in Khachmaz comes to an end




Work is underway to implement measures envisaged in the Strategic Road Map for the development of telecommunications and information technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Aztelecom LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies is working on the reconstruction of the telecommunication infrastructure based on the latest technologies in the regions.


A pilot project being implemented in Khachmaz  to expand the implementation of the broadband network is nearing completion. As a result of this large-scale project aimed at increasing the speed of access to broadband internet in the fixed network, the telecommunication infrastructure has been reconstructed throughout the region, the old equipment has been replaced with new ones.


To improve the quality of customer service, the necessary work to modernize the network has already been completed.


Electronic Automatic Telephone Exchanges (ATEs) have been replaced with modern Multi-Service Access Node equipment. After installation, the circuit capacitance of the network increased by over 30% and the number of subscribers who had the opportunity to use internet services has more than doubled.


Currently, work is underway to expand the construction of new installed ONU equipment in the national network.The first telecommunication lines were laid in the new 8 residential areas in Khachmaz and Khudat. In these areas, over 600 pillars were installed, a total of 40 km cable lines were laid. Upon completion of the work, additionally, some 1500 subscribers will get access to telephone and high-speed internet services.


Speaking on the project, head of marketing department of Aztelecom LLC Emin Guliyev noted that in order to improve the quality and expand the range of services rendered to subscribers, LLC introduces new technologies, reconstructs and upgrades the communication network: “As a result of the complex work done to install modern equipment in Khachmaz, the distance to the subscriber was reduced. This allows for high speed and quality, as well as the provision of other multimedia services in the future. The project is part of an action plan to develop broadband internet services in the regions. In addition, for the convenience of internet subscribers in Khachmaz,  prepayment and daily payment  settlement system was implemented as a pilot project. As for the coverage area, as a result of the expansion work, 8 more service points were added to our service area.”