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MTCHT holds extended meeting on preparations for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games


Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT) held an extended meeting in connection with the  preparations  for the 4th  Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Baku. The meeting discussed the readiness of transport and communication spheres. The event, held under the chairmanship of Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Ramin  Guluzade, was attended by  deputy ministers,  advisers to the minister, mobile operators and Internet service providers, as well as  heads of associations and communication agencies.


Addressing the meeting, Minister Ramin Guluzade said along with other agencies, the Ministry of  Transport, Communications and High Technologies  also carries out its duties properly  in order to ensure the holding of  the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games at a high level, which will take place in Baku  on May 12-22 by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The Minister said in order to ensure the games with telecommunications, Internet, mobile and broadcasting services, a headquarters and Working Group was established in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies. It was noted that the Working Group carries out activities to ensure the high level of telecommunications services for the Islamic Games, and this work is at the final stage.


The Minister expressed confidence that Azerbaijan, which has great experience in professionally organizing  major international events, will successfully host  one more significant event.


It was noted at the meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Operating Committee of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, the ministry carried out its work in the field of communications, provided sports venues for games and organizational buildings with stable and alternative optical cables.


At the same time, appropriate measures have been taken to provide the places for games and organizational buildings with stable and high-speed Internet. Thus, 386 km optical  cable and radio frequency with high parameters have been allocated for ensuring the stability of radio communication services and TV broadcasting.


Speaking at the meeting, the heads of mobile operators noted that  in order to provide places, stadiums  for games and nearby areas with high-quality mobile communication, appropriate measures were taken to analyze the data exchange in mobile packet-based voice communications networks, conduct network analysis,  and  services provided on technologies GSM, UMTS / HSDPA, LTE etc. It was noted that mobile network services in these areas are under daily control.


Besides, in order to ensure  the convenient use  of mobile devices  by  guests and participants  arriving in our country  in connection with the games,  the period required for the registration of IMEI codes of mobile devices has been extended from 30 (thirty) to 60 (sixty) days from April 1 to June 1, 2017. 


At the same time, on the eve of the games, in order to ensure the convenient use of mobile communication services by  guests (tourists) starting from April 15 of current year until June 1, implementation of the sale of mobile phone numbers to foreign citizens  in a simplified order was provided by the operators.


The heads of internet providers noted that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Internet, main and alternative channels were allocated. Thus, in order to ensure the safe operation  of the Internet network during the games,  Delta Telecom LLC and Azertelecom LLC have been given appropriate instructions in connection with ensuring the safe operation of the system and protection from DDOS attacks. In order to ensure information security before the games and during the games, a working group on cybersecurity was created.


The issue of organization of transport was also discussed at the meeting. It was noted that 247 “London Taxis” have been allocated by the ministry to the Operating Committee of the Games for use with a two-shift  schedule. Taxi drivers are involved in the trainings.


At the end of the meeting, it was decided to carry out  necessary measures to  provide the places of games with stable  and alternative  communication services, to ensure high level operation of mobile communication services,  to strengthen the protection of optical cables,  to ensure high-quality organization of  Internet services, to implement necessary measures for the security of  government websites, the use of radio frequencies for its intended purpose, to transfer all transport and communication enterprises to  the enhanced mode  during the period from  May 4  to  May 23,  to ensure quality and uninterrupted broadcasting and  taxi services at a high level.