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“Public Internet” network put to use in Seaside National Park


The opening ceremony of the “Public Internet” network in the territory of the Seaside National Park was held today. The project, implemented by Baku Telephone Communication Production Association of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT), aims to provide the population with access to the global network for free. From today onwards, residents and visitors of the capital will be able to use the Internet in the territories of the Seaside National Park and the State Flag Square for free.


To provide public internet access in the Seaside National Park and the State Flag Square, equipment (Access Point) of China’s Huawei company has been installed.122 wireless Wi-Fi access points are available in the said area, which enable about 8,000 users to obtain access to the internet simultaneously. The “Public Internet” network will also cover the “White City” of the National Seaside Park in the near future.


A number of security measures have been taken under the project, and taking into account risks, software and network has been tested by local and foreign experts. 


Besides that, the territory of  Icheri Sheher State Historical and Architectural Reserve has also been provided with Internet access for free, where 33 access points  were created using  the equipment of  Chinese company ZTE, which gives opportunity to serve over  2,000 people.


Note that the work was conducted here with particular care under the supervision of specialists provided that the design of the architectural monuments is not damaged. 


The international experiences have been taken into account when implementing the project. Taking into account effective distribution of signal and security measures, speed and time limits have also been determined in accordance with the international standards.


It is planned to provide a number of parks with free Internet access before the end of the year. Moreover, the relevant work will be carried out in the park of Heydar Aliyev Center.