Our projects


    Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway is transnational fiber optic, which is covering Eurasian countries.

  • AzDataCom

    Network infrastructure, which covers the country for data transfer


  • What benefits will be gained as a result of implementation of international TASIM project?

    The implementation of Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway will contribute to the creation of open information society in the region, increase Internet connection and improve Internet services.

  • How can I accept digital signal?

    For acceptance of digital TV programs, it is recommended to buy a digital TV and use converter devices (decoder, set-top box).

  • How can I get a license in the field of communications and IT services?

    Special permits (license) are issued by MCHT electronically. Further information about registration of license, required documents etc. is available in the section “E-services”.

  • Where can I get information about tariffs for communications services?

    All tariffs for communications services are available in relevant sections of the MCHT portal.

  • Where can I lodge a complaint on any website?

    When you are faced unethical norms or something like touching upon your honor and dignity or other illegal acts in any information resource, at that time it is recommended to apply to law enforcement agencies.

  • Do you give any discount in the field of communications?

    According to the Decree of Azerbaijani President dated December 26, 2001, all discounts including in communications sphere were revoked on 01.01.2002. At present telephone installation (for the first time) for veterans of the Great Patriotic War is carried out free of charge.

  • Are you going to reduce prices for Internet services and calls via cell phone again?

    We carry out appropriate measures in this direction and work on reduction of prices for Internet and calls via mobile phones are constantly carried out in the country.