Procurement and Logistics Department

I. General provisions


The Procurement and Logistics Department (hereinafter – the Department) of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (hereinafter - the Ministry) of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a structural unit of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



Within the framework of the powers granted by these regulations the department coordinates the implementation of activities related to logistics of  the structures of the Ministry and agencies that are not subject to the Ministry (hereinafter – the Bodies).



The activity of the department is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Civil Service” and other laws, decrees and orders of the  President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regulations on the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other legislative acts, decisions, orders and decrees of the Minister of Communications and High Technologies (hereinafter – the Minister), decisions of the  Board of Ministry and these Regulations.



While carrying out its duties and executing  rights the Department acts in cooperation with   structural divisions, bodies of the Ministry, central and local executive authorities, self-government bodies, international,  non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals and legal entities operating in this field.



II. Areas of activity of the Department



The  areas of activity of the Department are as follows:



Coordinates the work of supply of necessary goods to the staff of the ministry in required quality and quantity for a specified period of time;



Performs organizational-methodological management over activities of the ministry’s structural units and agencies on rational use of logistics and material resources and carries out coordination  issues;



Prepares analytical information materials on the  current state and prospects of the development of logistics and presents to the management;



Improves methods of work organization, as well as expands the use of modern information technologies;



Operates in other  areas of activity as defined by law.


III. Duties of the Department


The department performs following tasks in accordance with the activities defined by these Regulations:



To make proposals on the rational use of material resources in order to reduce costs;



To prepare logistical support of  the Ministry’s staff and its agencies and  current and future  projects of repair and operational requirements;



To organize the provision of  necessary equipment and materials for economic activity of the staff of the  Ministry and its agencies;



To create  database of the staff of the  Ministry and its agencies related to the accounting for the movement of material resources;



To prepare relevant reports on logistical support of the staff of the Ministry and its agencies;



To ensure the protection of service data, state and commercial secrets in accordance with the law;



To prepare work plan of the department, reports on its activities for periods;



To perform other duties in accordance with the area of activity as stipulated by law.



IV. Rights of the Department



The Department  has following rights to fulfill its duties:



To get documents and other information materials  received by the Ministry  concerning its activities  for the purpose of familiarity, systematized record keeping and use;



To send  relevant requests to structural divisions of the Ministry  within its powers and receive  relevant data (documents) from them in connection with the  implementation of duties  prescribed  by these Regulations;



To participate in meetings  where   economic and logistical support issues  of the  ministry’s structural divisions and agencies are discussed ;



To give opinion on areas of activity, carry out  analysis and generalizations, prepare analytical materials, conduct research in the relevant field, submit proposals;



To represent the Ministry  at the commissions established in the Ministry and other state bodies, working groups, local and international events of various levels  held on issues related to its activities and  participate in their work;



To study  the experience of other countries in accordance with the areas of activity and  make proposals for the improvement of activities in this direction;



To make proposals for  preparation of experts and improvement of skills in the relevant field;



To carry out  other rights in accordance with the areas of activity as provided  by law.



V. Organization of the activity of the Department



The  number of units  of the structure and staff  of the department is approved by the Minister.



No one can interfere with the activity of the department except the person authorized by the Minister.



The department is headed by  head of  department which is  appointed and dismissed by the Minister.



Head of department is personally responsible for carrying out the duties assigned to the department and the implementation of rights.



In the absence of the head of department, one of administrative officers  carries out his duties in the prescribed manner.



Other employees of the department  are appointed and dismissed by the Minister



Head of the department:



Organizes the activities of the department and heads it;



Makes distribution of work between its subordinate employees, coordinates their activities, controls labor, execution and  service discipline;



Signs action plans and other documents in order to ensure the fulfilment of the duties assigned to the department and controls  timely and efficient implementation of measures envisaged in the action plan;



Defines issues on the department to be discussed  at the Board of Ministry and  presents his proposals to the management  of the Ministry and provides the implementation of legislative acts in a timely manner and at the appropriate level as  specified in paragraph 2 of these Regulations;



Submits presentations to the management of the Ministry for taking incentive and disciplinary measures against members of the department;



Receives necessary information and documents from other agencies of the Ministry within its  competence to perform the duties of the department;



Provides  clerical work and non-disclosure mode in the department;



Raises  questions with respect to matters on economic activity  before the management concerning the competence of the department and organizes its implementation;



Prepares information on the process of execution of tasks periodically for the management;



Represents the Department.



Employees of the department  bear the responsibility for violation of these Regulations as envisaged by the legislation of the  Republic of Azerbaijan.



Each employee of the department is responsible for data confidentiality  that is known to them and containing  state or business secret in accordance with their duties and powers.