Fixed telephone network


Fixed telephone network services in the territory of Azerbaijan are provided mainly by two major public operators - Aztelecom Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Baku Telephone Communications Limited Liability Company (BTC LLC).


Telephone network of Aztelecom LLC (wired and wireless) covers the whole territory of the country, except for Baku and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and BTC LLC network (wired and wireless) covers administrative territories of Binagadi, Garadagh, Sabayil, Sabunchu, Surakhani, Narimanov, Nasimi, Nizami, Khazar, Khatai, and Yasamal districts of Baku city.


Telephone network of Aztelekom LLC 

Through 1260 automatic telephone exchanges (ATEs) Aztelecom provides telephone, high-speed Internet, IPTV, long-distance and international and other services to country’s population, businesses and organizations in the region. Switching network consists of more than 1260 EATS (electronic automatic telephone stations) and CDMA wireless base stations. CDMA network coverage area includes 80% of the population of the country. The association provides all types of telecommunication services. 212,000 or 31% of subscribers use broadband internet. Internet services are provided as a service provider, and private ISPs. The total capacity of EATS  is 785 thousand numbers. Of these, 169 thousand numbers or 21.5% accounted for NGN equipment that supports the most advanced multimedia services. 91% of interswitch trunk is optical cable.


  • If before 1 January 2004, the total capacity of the ATE in the network amounted to 489,327 numbers, at the moment it is 785 000 numbers.
  • 400 new ATEs have been built.
  • 768 ATEs were reconstructed and replaced by electronic exchanges.
  • The capacity of 320 exchanges has been expanded.
  • If, before 1 January 2004 the level of digitalization in the network stood at 38.7%, now this figure has reached 100%.
  • If before 1 January 2004, the number of regions having  fully electronic telephone network was 7, the figure is 57 -100%.
  • If before 1 January 2004, the total length of fiber-optic cable lines and trunks was 1919 km, now the length of these lines is  more than 7 thousand kilometers, which means an increase of 4 times.
  • 6000 km fiber-optic cable lines and connecting lines have been built thus far.
  • Direct connection of the central ATEs of all areas to the Azerbaijani segments of the TAE fiber-optic cable line was provided. In 2004, the number of telecommunications nodes was 32. 
  • Internet provider   began its activities and became a leader among providers.
  • CDMA wireless telephone system was put into operation. 
  • New NGN technology was implemented in the network. The share of NGN-equipment in the network capacity increased to 21.5%.
  • All service areas were provided with Internet services.
  •  If there were not broadband Internet users (ADSL) in 2004 in the territory of the service, now the network has over 178 thousand such subscribers.


Fixed telephone network of BTC LLC:


Baktelecom (Baku Telephone  Communications Production Association ) provides telephone services, high-speed Internet, video-telephony, IPTV, DATA, inquiry and information, as well as related maintenance services to  Baku residents, businesses and organizations located in the city through 193 EATS.


Through  33 ATEs of  total 193 ATEs that are available in the network of  Baktelecom, Khatai telephone exchange provides  the above-mentioned various communications and other telecommunications services in the territory of Nasimi, Narimanov, Binagadi, Sabail and Khatai districts of Baku city, through 39 ATEs - Yasamal Telephone Exchange (covering the territory of Nasimi, Binagadi, Yasamal and Sabail districts), 29 ATEs - Nizami Telephone Exchange  (covers Nizami, Khatai, Surakhani and Sabunchu districts), 36 ATEs - Sabunchu Telephone Exchange  (covering the territory of Sabunchu and Surakhani districts),  30 ATEs - Khazar Telephone Exchange  (covering the territory of  Khazar and Pirallahi districts), 19 ATEs - Garadagh Telephone Exchange  (covering the territory of Garadagh district), and  5 ATEs - AzEvroTel LLC (covering the territory of Sabail, Yasamal and Nasimi districts).

2 of 193 ATEs  that are available in the network of BTC LLC provide wireless communication services in Baku and Absheron district (via roaming throughout  the country) and the remaining  191 provide wired  communications services.

The total capacity of telephone exchanges of Baktelecom, which are fully converted into electronic format, is 788,466 numbers. 633 997 numbers (80.4%) are in operation.

466530 numbers (59.2%) are based on  modern NGN equipment , 104709 (13.2%) - on the C & C 08, 109 722 (14.2%) - S-12, 70097 (9%) -DMS, 3145 ( 0.4%) - DRX, 844 (0.11%) - Karel and 20,000 (2.58%) on the CDMA technology.

The trunks  of Baktelecom  are installed 100% at optical level, alternate connection  of large-scale stations also increased to 100%, in other stations - 90%. The total length of interoffice fiber optic cables is 1456.3 kilometers. The distribution of numbers to subscribers of the association’s network is carried out using 1516 distributor cabinets.


With a view to improve the services provided to users and improve the quality of services, 31 optical connection supporting  multi-service ATS type SMART-AX  have been installed in Baktelecom network within the FTTx project  and  work in this direction is underway.


High-speed broadband Internet services are provided to subscribers by Bakinternet and other Internet providers  through the network  of BTC LLC.  257 830 subscribers connected to the network are currently enjoying high speed internet services through broadband connections (164 607 of them are users of online services of BTC LLC, 93,223 - other ISPs). Taking into account the increasing demand for Internet services, the number of  ADSL ports in the operator’s network increased  to 314772 units. Of these, 190,800 (60.6%) were installed by BTC LLC, 123,972 (39.4%) - other ISPs. Thus, 40.6% of subscribers BTC LLC network have access to high speed internet through a broadband connection.


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