“Poçtap” service

“Poçtap” (“Pochtap”) is a new social project implemented by Azerpost LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT).  The aim of the “Poçtap” service is returning found documents to their owners.


The documents found within the service are accepted by appropriate post offices, if the owner of the document is not found, it will be delivered to the appropriate authority. So, if a person finds a document by chance, he (she) may toss it in any letterbox or hand it over to any post office, as well as “Shebeke” service centers on the condition of anonymity. The document received at the post office is registered in a relevant program and searching for the holder’s contact information automatically starts, and if found, a call center employee contacts the person.


The Main Police Department of Baky city, Baku Metro Closed Joint-Stock Company, “Tamiz Shahar” Open Joint-Stock Company and the “Bakubus” Limited Liability Company closely cooperate with one another within the framework of the “Poçtap” project.   


At the same time, the person who has lost his (her) document can learn information about it, whether it is found or not by visiting the official webpage of “Poçtap” service (http://www.pochtap.az), calling call center 169 or any post office or place an advertisement for the search of the lost document.


The person whose document was found can get the document at branch post office or order its delivery to the nearest post office by calling call center.


Note that the person who gets the lost document at post offices or “Shebeke” service centers through “Poçtap” service must pay service fee in the amount of AZN1.80. If the person wants the lost document to be delivered to his/her address, delivery fee is calculated in accordance with Azerexpresspost’s service rates.

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