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Granting special permission (license) for some types of activities

Information on procedure



Granting of licenses for telecommunication services in Azerbaijan Republic is carried out by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) according to “Improving rules of granting special permissions (licenses) to some kinds of activity”, “Rules of granting special permissions (licenses) to some kinds of activity” confirmed by decree of the president of Azerbaijan Republic № 782 dated September 2, 2002 “About rules of granting of special permissions (licenses) to some kinds of activity” and also 15th, 57th and 58th points of the “List of kinds of activity on realization of special permissions (licenses)” , 11th and 48th points of the “Additional conditions demanded depending on feature of activity status for granting special permissions (licenses)” confirmed by the decision of the Cabinet of Azerbaijan Republic № 174 dated 07.11.2002.




Names of activity status

State duty (AZN)

Communication services:


phone (wired)

5 000


cellular (mobile)

11 000


radiotrunk and wireless telephone

5 000


organization of domestic telecommunication channels

5 000


organization of international telecommunication channels

11 000


IP-telephony (Internet-telephony)

8 000


data transfer

6 000


high-speed postal services

2 500


3 generation(3G) mobile communication

11 000

Other kinds of activity


creation of biometric technologies and providing services through these technologies 2 200 


formation of personal data backups and creation of information systems, rendering them services 2 200 


Legal or natural person apply to the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) and submit appropriate documents required for issuance of licences (activate the kind of activity to see forms of applications and required documents that you want). After examining the documents submitted by the applicant, in case of consent for issuance of a licence, paying state duty to the state budget (№ account) required for receiving a licence, the applicant presents the document confirming the payment to the MCHT.

After full provision of the given documents, a special permission (licence) on type of activity is granted to the applicant.

The form of the licence is approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan - specially authorized body in licensing and the form is as follows:







MCHT has control over the execution of requirements and terms of licences by individuals and legal entities who have received licences.


Legal and physical persons who have received license should submit information  concerning performance of requirements and license conditions to the MCHT once a year. The information should be presented   within 10 days at the end of each year after the date of issuance of license while it is effective.


MCHT provides data on granted licences to the Ministry of Economic Development and the government’s local tax service for including them in a single register of licences, in accordance with existing rules.


Granting of licences for telecommunication services in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is carried out by the Ministry of Communications and New Technologies of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic





Account for paying state duty on issuance of special permission (license):

Type of activity:   ___________________________ communication service

Beneficiary (recipient) bank
Name: State Treasury Agency
140 155 5071
Code: 210 005


Treasury authority
Name: Baku City Taxes Department
TIN: 140 030 5751
Settlement Account
Budget level code:        1
Budget  classification code:     142 215
Transferred sum:
In number ________(AZN)
In writing ________________________manat


Payment destination: State duty paid for issuance of  special  permit (licence)


Note:  You  are to show TIN of the Ministry of Communcations and High Technologies in the 50th  space or text while filling in payment task. TIN: 9900033991