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Personal data


Personal data


Rapid development of information technologies in our time, their application in all spheres of life, collection and processing of personal data through the use of new technologies puts in the forefront the need to ensure the protection of personal data on the international level. To this end, as far back as January 28, 1981 the European Council adopted a Convention for the “Protection of Individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data”. Azerbaijan joined the Convention in 2009.


In May 2010, Azerbaijan Republic adopted a law “On personal data” to regulate the relations connected with the collection, processing and protection of personal data, the formation of the section of personal data in the national information space, as well as issues related to the cross-border transfer of personal data to define the rights and obligations of public bodies and local authorities, individuals and legal entities operating in this area.


Personal data means any information that allows for directly or indirectly determine the identity of the person. This includes name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, other information contained in the documents of identity, as well as data revealing racial or ethnic origin, family life, religious faith and beliefs, health or criminal record of an individual.


At present, the country has formed the necessary legal framework for the protection of personal data.



State Register of personal data information systems 

“The rules of the state register of information systems of individual information” was approved by the decree of Azerbaijani President dated October 4, 2010, and keeping the state register of personal data was entrusted to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT).


The Ministry also carries out state registration of information systems of personal data and cancellation of registration.


According to the “The rules of state registration of personal data information systems and the cancellation of state registration”, approved by the Decision № 149 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic on August 17, 2010, the collection and processing of personal data in information systems is allowed only after their registration.


In accordance with the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On Personal Data”, the formation of information resources of personal data and creation of information systems, their service can be