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Information Society


The notion of “information society”, as used in the present day wording, was first mentioned in the early 60’s of the last century in Japan, has become scientific-theoretical research object for over 50 years now.


Generally, philosophical meaning of information society is to meet the information needs and knowledge of mankind, to creat social and communicative environment, to bring knowledge and understanding, to deliver the information they want to the public. The main objective of this conception is creating a sufficient amount of information and with the help of this process, on the one hand, to address the challenges facing the humanity, and on the other hand, to ensure the development of the society.


In other words, the information society is a society in which most part of the population is engaged in the preservation, production, processing and transmission of information, and most importantly its highest form - knowledge through the use of modern information technologies.


Significant strides have been made in this direction in Azerbaijan in recent years for mass distribution of information technologies and for the development of this area, success has been received due to government support and care.


Information and communication technologies (ICT) have entered into a new stage of development in the country. ICT opportunities are widely used in the interaction of government agencies, businesses and the population now. The ICT sector was declared to be the second priority area after oil industry. It is no coincidence, in his speeches President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly emphasized the exceptional importance of information technologies for the country’s economy.


Today relevance and value of the use of ICT in business, politics, governance, public health, culture, science, education, industry and other fields were fully understood in the public awareness. Nowadays creation of civil society, which has ample opportunity to obtain information, is an important step for the future of human civilization. Nowadays it is an opportunity to learn to build strong civil society is an important step towards the future of human civilization.At present introduction of ICT promotes socio-economic development of every country and plays an effective role in the issue of poverty reduction.In Azerbaijan, the basic features of the computerized society is the creation of the global information environment, the emergence of new forms of socio- economic activity (distant education, e-commerce, flexiplace, e-democracy and e-government), the formation of the market of information and knowledge, the development of means of communication at various levels , ensuring the rights to reception, distribution and use of any information by citizens and organizations, etc.


The process of informatization of society will raise productivity in all sectors of economy, lower prices, introduction of e-document circulation system in state authorities, promote e-commerce, improve the quality of products and services.